Friday, July 6, 2007


It seems like the hits just keep on coming. I'm a Reservist being recalled back to active duty, which is fine since it's my duty and it's the right thing to do. I just wish the transition would go a little more smoothly. I found out today that even though I'm going back on active duty next week, I don't report to Iraq until late Oct. So, I'll be spending about three months sitting around my main duty station in SC. Going back on duty and getting deployed isn't too bad, but what it's taking to get there is such a pain. I'm still working on packing since I've got to pack for being away a year. At least, I'll be in the desert for the winter, so no snow or ice for me. (Winter in the States is the rainy season over there, though. I've been through it before. Nothing worse than tracking around wet sand when you're living in a tent!) I guess I'll just have to keep on praying that things go okay.

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Eric said...

I prefer pre-1991 Metallica, but it's all good :)