Saturday, July 21, 2007


I'm such a procrastinator, but the day has finally come that I need to pack up. One of the guys I work with said it should be a cinch, just throw my uniforms, boots, shirts and toiletries into my bag and go. Then, I reminded him that I've got to pack for a few months in SC and also for my tour in Iraq. (Unless I want to be a geek and walk around SC in my PT gear, which consists of a t-shirt and shorts with the AF logo on them.)
I think I'm almost packed, though. It's sort of tough to figure out what I'll need for the next 10-11 months, but, admittedly, I'll be wearing uniforms most of the time, so it's not as bad as it sounds. Worst case scenario, I can probably buy whatever I forget.
Once I all this packed and drive down to SC, I'll at least be done with one hurdle.
Today, I just feel really lazy, but luckily I only have a few more things to get done. It seems like a good day to be lzay, though, and since this is my last weekend where my life is my own, then I don't feel guilty at all.
What a life!

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