Monday, July 30, 2007

A bright spot

The worst part of being back in uniform is the physical training (PT). Of course, for a while, we didn't really do PT in the AF, but starting a few years ago, they started getting more serious about it. Now, the PT test consists of push ups, sit ups, a mile and a half run, and a waist measurement. I'm good with the push ups and sit ups, but the other two are where I have problems. Of course, if I were either of my brothers, I'm sure the run wouldn't be a problem, but I'm not. I'm much lazier than they are. So, I started running on Sat. My legs were so sore the rest of the weekend. The run went better today. At this rate, I should do okay by the time I test at the end of Sept. It still isn't any fun, though!

On the positive site, the military is sending me to Vegas for a conference for a week and a half. I leave on Wed at 0600. The conference will be some hard work, but there will still be time left for some fun at the casinos. I think my squadron feels bad I'm going to Iraq, so they've made sure I got at least one nice trip. Wish me luck at the roulette wheel!

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