Monday, December 15, 2008

The Money Pit

I got a much-needed lesson in compassion recently. I'm a very by-the-rules person and feel that people must be accountable for their actions. (Probably why I like the military so much most of the time.) I was very much against the mortgage bailout, partially because I felt like many (or maybe even most) of the people had borrowed more than they could afford, so there needed to be consequences or people would just keep doing that same type of thing in the future. (I also wasn't too thrilled about bailing out a bunch of companies on Wall Street that had made bad investments. Plus, it didn't seem like the bill being passed stood a high chance of success in "rescuing" the economy.) I found out how easy it is to judge when it's a bunch of faceless people that are losing their homes. Now, it's more difficult because I actually know people that's happening to. Especially around Christmas time, people are supposed to be more giving, but I guess that forgiveness and compassion are part of that. Granted, the common homeowner really isn't being helped by the $800 billion bill and I'm really unsure where that money has gone. But, the greater point to me is that I should have more sympathy for those in trouble, however they ended up that way.
That being said, I'm still not sure the UAW should keep all their current wages and benefits as the big three US automakers head towards insolvency, but maybe there should be a happy medium between total bailout and filing bankrupcy since so many people outside the plants will be affected by any actions. I guess the spirit of Christmas is sometimes a gradual gift.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


I saw earlier this week that some people were advocating that the US go to war with Russia over Georgia (the country, not the state). Are people really that stupid? What would the US have to gain? If the US won, would it prove that we really are a superpower? What would it mean if we lost? That Russia's a better superpower? People still argue today whether we should have gotten involved in Iraq and, even, Afghanistan. I can't see how we have more of a vested interest in Georgia than we did in Iraq. Granted, we have trained Georgian troops, but we've also trained troops in many African countries that are currently at war. Does that mean that the US should enter every conflict that comes along? If so, then every male and female aged 18-40 had better be ready to put on a uniform since there are a plethora of wars around the world.

I do wonder if the people advocating US action are in the military or if they're simply advocating action that they'd sit home and watch on the news. I tend to think it's the latter.

This really does make me wonder if there are some people that are just hawks and think any battle is a good battle. (Granted, some of those people are probably in the current administration.) I even own stock in companies contracting for the US, but getting my stock prices to rise isn't a reason to go to war with another country or group. Of course, I'm sure there are people that advocate that, too. Idiots!!!!

If I could command this system, maybe I'd be more amenable to