Sunday, October 21, 2007

Almost done with NC

Well, my training is coming to a close in the next week or so. It's been an experience. I've met some great people, so more people to see at odd trips in the future. The only bad thing about training with a group is that it's taught at the level of the lowest common denominator, so it can be tedious if you're not that person (and I don't think I am). Last week was my first time shooting in the rain and I noticed how difficult it is to aim when your glasses keep getting wet. (Maybe the glasses with wipers would be useful in a situation like that.)

I've packed my bags yet again and this time got all my gear into three bags. I'm not sure how far I can carry the two that aren't on my back, but I'll find that out when I get in country I'm sure.

The realization that I'll be in Iraq in the near future has really only been hitting me in the last couple of days. I've been in touch with my sponsor who's over there, so I know a little more about what to expect, but I'm not sure if that makes it more comforting or not. The element of the unknown is still there since I haven't seen where I'll be going or what I'll be doing, but at least I have a better idea of what it'll be like and I know that my sponsor made it though his tour, so I'll make it through mine. I can't yet fathom working every day that I'm there since I've only gone about 4 months without a day off in the past, but how much worse can six be? At least, I'm not over there for a year or more like some of the other guys I've met. (Not that I wouldn't go, but I'm sure that's a tougher thing to get one's mind around to be gone that long.)
Right now, I just hope I have a good flight and get lots of sleep on it since I'll probably work once I land. And so the adventure really begins...

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